Featured musician Matthew Miller

Matt Miller is a multi-disciplinary musician, composer, sound designer, improviser, producer and owner of the soundware company, Millertone. He has had a consistent presence in Toronto's improvising music scene since 2007, employing his laptop as both a musical instrument and live remix tool, as well as a mobile recording workstation to capture live performances. Matt has performed with internationally renowned artists including Fred Frith, Gino Robair and Sylvie Courvoisier as well as many musicians in Toronto's new music scene. Matt's mobile recording services have been called upon to archive a number of AIMToronto's Interface performances. In 2010, his electro-acoustic duo, MiMo, with long time collaborator Samuel Morgenstein, produced a 96-track vinyl Locked-Groove album featuring performances by members of AIMToronto (Association of Improvised Musicians Toronto). Matt has over 45 published production music and sound design compositions that have been heard on TVs, and film trailers around the world. He has contributed content to best selling sample libraries for Big Fish Audio including Found Percussion and Chill 2, and is in the process of establishing his own boutique soundware company, Millertone. An avid field recordist, Matt can almost always be found with a portable recording device close by. The sounds that he captures invariably end up as the raw material for new musical concepts. He travelled extensively throughout Morocco in the late 1990's to document the country's rich traditional music, and he maintains a website, www.moroccanmusic.com, which features some of the recordings he's made there. In late 2011 Matt produced dance remixes for a new live set using some of the field recordings collected in Morocco.