Featured musician James Bailey

I am an improvisor, pure and simple. Never had much success learning how to play "proper tunes". That's not to say it doesn't happen, but that it's more by accident than design. Through careful listening, however, I like to think I've developed an ear for how to play along with others in a manner that is beneficial to all concerned. I have been recording since the mid-'70s, and performing live since the early '80s - though very sporadically until the late '90s. Most performances have been collaborative, though there have been occasional solos. See elsewhere on this page for groups in which I play or have played. My usual answer to the question "What do you play?" is "Anything that makes a sound that is interesting to me." That is, I will attempt to make a sound with whatever may be at my disposal regardless of whether it is considered "musical" or not. I rarely play a conventional instrument - or at least one that is in its normal state; most of the "implements" I employ are either common household items, or objects re-purposed for my needs. This can include modification or simply playing as-is. Electronics are often used, either for sound modification or as a source itself.