The Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto is a not-for-profit organization mandated to promote the creative improvised music in the Toronto area. We extend an open invitation to anyone who shares an interest in our mandate to add their name to our list of members.

The primary goal of AIMToronto is the continuation and development of the Interface Series, in which internationally-recognized artists collaborate with local musicians throughout a series of concerts, generally over the course of a weekend. As a means toward the exposure of local musicians to a broader musical community outside Toronto (as our guest artist meets us and spreads the word about what we have to offer here), we see this process as being invaluable.

Beyond the Interface Series, we recognize that the “scene” of creative improvised music in Toronto is generated primarily through the energies of musicians who organize and promote events, series and workshops for their music and that of others. As such, AIMToronto has been set up as an available resource where members can request assistance toward the success of endeavours that fall under the AIMToronto mandate. As a member, you can make such a request to any board member who will then co-ordinate your representation at a future board meeting. It should go without saying that, at this stage, we have very limited resources and, as such, we are committed to help within our capacity to do so.

Membership is free, and is open to anyone who supports the tenets of the AIMToronto mandate. You can obtain membership simply by contacting us. We will ask you to fill out a membership form. These forms are collected in order to help us understand the individual members and to recognize and appreciate the scope of creative improvised music in the Toronto area.

Questions about AIMToronto are welcome and encouraged. We look forward to your contribution to the ongoing cultivation of creative improvised music in Toronto, and to the spirit of collaboration, communication and c0meraderie that it engenders.

To become a member simply download and fill out either the PDF or word doc and email it to info [at] aimtoronto [dot] org

Membership Form (Word Doc)

Membership Form (PDF)


The AIMToronto Board:

Nilan Perera
May Chook
James Bailey