august 2008 – peggy lee

august 22

lee/ lumley/ piilonen/ prentice
[ peggy lee (cello) aaron lumley (bass) rob piilonen (flutes) david prentice (violin) ]

[ william davison (guitar, electronics) michelangelo iaffaldano (found & homemade instruments)
andy yue (synth, keyboards, etc.) ]

haley/ lee/ rindone
[ geordie haley (guitar) peggy lee (cello) ronda rindone (bass clarinet) ]

august 23

attariwala/ kiik/ lee
[ parmela attariwala (violin, viola) tiina kiik (accordion) peggy lee (cello) ]

smash & teeny
[ sarah peebles (sho) nilan perera (guitars, preparations, electronics) ]

dutton/ lee/ sorbara
[ paul dutton (voice) peggy lee (cello) joe sorbara (drums, percussion) ]

august 24

selected compositions by peggy lee
[ ken aldcroft (guitar) kyle brenders (saxophones) peggy lee (cello) tilman lewis (cello) germaine liu (drums, percussion) nicole rampersaud (trumpet) ]

the guayaveras
[ eric chenaux (electric guitar) ryan driver (electric synth) ]

fisher/ fraser/ lee
[ colin fisher (tenor saxophone, guitar) nick fraser (drums, percussion) peggy lee (cello) ]

friday, august 22. 9pm @ the arraymusic studio
(60 atlantic ave, suite 218)

saturday, august 24 & sunday august 25. 3:30pm @ somewhere there
(340 dufferin street – enter from melbourne ave)

+ a free, open rehearsal on sunday, august 24. 11:30am @ somewhere there with peggy lee & ken aldcroft, kyle brenders, tilman lewis, germaine liu, wes neal, nicole rampersaud