march 2008 – malcolm goldstein

march 07

goldstein/ perera
[ malcolm goldstein (violin) nilan perera (guitars, preparations, electronics) ]

[ james bailey (founds & homemade instruments) michelangelo iaffaldano (found & homemade instruments)
andy yue (synth, keyboards, etc.) ]

odradek will perform “frog pond at dusk” & “the seasons: vermont/ summer”

march 08

goldstein/ piilonen/ willes
[ malcolm goldstein (violin) rob piilonen (flutes) chris willes (woodwinds) ]

ensemble for now
[ parmela attariwala (viola) kyle brenders (saxophones) tegan ceschi-smith (violin) susanna hood (voice) wes neal (bass)
joe sorbara (drums, percussion) nick storring (cello) scott thomson (trombone) ]

ensemble for now will perform “yosha’s morning song, extended” & “regarding the tower of babel”

march 09

malcolm goldstein solo
[ malcolm goldstein (violin) ]

aimtoronto orchestra
[ under the direction of kyle brenders ]

aimtoronto orchestra will perform “qernerĂ¢q; our breath as bones” & “two silences”

all performances will take place @ somewhere there
(340 dufferin street – enter from melbourne ave)

music starts @
8pm on friday march 07 & saturday march 08
5pm on sunday march 09