september 2005 – KaMoSc trio

[ achim kaufmann + michael moore + dylan vander schyff ]

+ wolter wierbos

september 25

oswald/ thomson/ van der schyff
[ john oswald (alto saxophone) scott thomson (trombone) dylan van der schyff (drums) ]

allemano/ downing/ fraser/ moore
[ lina allemano (trumpet) andrew downing (bass) nick fraser (drums) michael moore (alto saxophone) ]

aldcroft/ wierbos
[ ken aldcroft (guitar) wolter wierbos (trombone) ]

september 26

brubeck/ kaufmann/ keith/ valdivia
[ matt brubeck (cello) achim kaufmann (piano) michael keith (guitar) brandon valdivia (drums) ]

wolter wierbos solo
[ wolter wierbos (trombone) ]

chenaux/ moore/ sorbara
[ eric chenaux (guitar) michael moore (alto saxophone) joe sorbara (drums) ]

september 27

kaufmann/ clark/ prentice/ shaw
[ achim kaufmann (paino) dave clark (drums) david prentice (violin) evan shaw (alto saxophone) ]

clutton/ tielli/ van der schyff
[ rob clutton (bass) doug tielli (trombone) dylan van der schyff (drums) ]

achim kaufmann’s KaMoSc trio
[ achim kaufmann (piano) michael moore (alto saxphone) dylan van der schyff (drums) ]

all events: 9pm @ the arraymusic studio (60 atlantic ave, suite 218)

+ free afternoon lecture: 12pm, september 25
martin arnold: improvisation and narrative