january 2007 – william parker

january 11

fraser/ oswald/ parker/ yue
[ nick fraser (drums) john oswald (alto saxophone) william parker (bass) andy yue (piano) ]

paul newman’s open house
[ dave fish (drums) michael herring (bass) paul newman (tenor saxophone) ]

mott/ parker
[ david mott (baritone saxophone) william parker (bass) ]

january 12

company night:
[ rob clutton (bass) colin fisher (tenor saxophone) mike hansen (turntables) michael keith (guitar) william parker (bass) nilan perera (guitar, preparations, electronics) rob piilonen (flute) joe sorbara (drums, percussion) ]

january 13

attariwala/ haley/ luciani/ parker
[ parmela attariwala (violin) geordie haley (guitar) jeff luciani(drums) willam parker (bass)]

barnyard drama
[ christine duncan (voice) jean martin (drums, turntables) ]

aldcroft/ parker/ rindone/ valdivia
[ ken aldcroft (guitar) william parker (bass) ronda rindone (clarinets) brandon valdivia (drums) ]

thursday, january 11 through saturday, january 13: 9pm @ the arraymusic studio (60 atlantic ave, suite 218)
tickets: $15 @ the door (or 3 nights for $30)

+ a free, participatory workshop w/ william parker
friday, january 12: 3-5pm @ the boyd neal room (edward johnson building, university of toronto)

As a part of his ongoing, musicWitness project, guest artist Jeff Schlanger will be present at the performances to create visual transcriptions of the music made throughout our Interface with Mr. Parker.