february 2009 – evan parker

february 13

buligan/ lewis/ parker/ rampersaud/ tielli
[ nick buligan (french horn) jim lewis (flugelhorn) evan parker (saxophones) nicole rampersaud (trumpet) doug tielli (trombone) ]

kamevaar/ krakowiak/ parker
[ john kamevaar (electronics) tomasz krakowiak (percussion) evan parker (saxophones) ]
february 14

attariwala/ brubeck/ parker/ prentice/ westerholm
[ parmela attariwala (viola) matt brubeck (cello) evan parker (saxophones) david prentice (violin) monica westerholm (violin) ]

brenders/ parker/ shaw/ underhill
[ kyle brenders (saxophones) evan parker (saxophones) evan shaw (saxophones) richard underhill (saxophones) ]

february 15

boyko/ duncan/ dutton/ parker
[ db boyko (voice) christine duncan (voice) paul dutton (voice) evan parker (saxophones) ]

neal/ parker/ sorbara
[ wes neal (bass) evan parker (saxophones) joe sorbara (drums, percussion) ]

friday, february 13 & saturday, february 14
8pm (doors @ 7:30)

sunday, february 15
6pm (doors @ 5:30)

all events @ somewhere there (340 dufferin street – enter from melbourne ave)

please note that seating will be limited to 40 chairs per event for this interface
tickets will be sold at the door on a first come, first serve basis
thank you for your understanding