october 2007 – eddie prévost

october 24

keith/ oswald/ prévost
[ michael keith (guitar) john oswald (alto saxophone) eddie prévost (percussion) ]

geordie haley’s everytime band
[ paul donat (bass) ryan driver (keyboards) christine duncan (voice) geordie haley (gutiar) jean martin (drums) evan shaw (alto saxophone) ]

brenders/ prévost/ thomson
[ kyle brenders (saxophones) eddie prévost (percussion) scott thomson (trombone) ]

october 25

downing/ peterson/ prévost/ waterman
[ andrew downing (cello) scott peterson (bass) eddie prévost (percussion) ellen waterman (flutes) ]

the reveries
[ eric chenaux (voice, mouth-speaker, guitar, harmonica) ryan driver (voice, mouth-speaker, mouth microphone, quasi-ruler bass, thumb reeds) jean martin (drums, drum machine) doug tielli (voice, mouth-speaker, trombone, guitar, saw) ]

dutton/ perera/ prévost/ storring
[ paul dutton (oralizations) nilan perera (guitar, preparations, electronics) eddie prévost (percussion) nick storring (cello) ]

october 26

clutton/ heble/ prévost
[ rob clutton (bass) ajay heble (piano) eddie prévost (percussion) ]

pete johnston’s see through trio
[ tania gill (piano) mark laver (saxophones) pete johnston (bass) ]

aldcroft/ campbell/ davison/ prévost
[ ken aldcroft (guitar) rod campbell (trumpet) william davison (electronics) eddie prévost (percussion) ]

wednesday, october 24 & thursday october 25:
8pm @ somewhere there (340 dufferin street – enterance from melbourne ave)

friday, october 26:
9pm @ the arraymusic studio (60 atlantic ave, suite 218)