…is an aimtoronto concert presentation wherein visiting improvising musicians are featured along-side members of toronto’s local improvised music community.

The goal is to promote awareness and interaction. through these events, visiting musicians become intimately aware of what is going on in toronto by actually interacting with the local scene; local improvisers are presented with an opportunity to learn about, learn from, and interact with the visitor; Toronto audiences are able to hear and see local improvising musicians make music with their favourite improvisers from outside the city.

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“The Interface Series was a really wonderful experience for me. I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of musicianship and the strong feeling of community for which I think AIMToronto can take a great deal of credit. Providing a context for improvised music, bringing in guests with different points of view, giving workshops – I think the organization provides a very valuable service to the Toronto music community and I wish you all the best of luck in keeping it going and growing. I wish it had existed when I lived in Toronto. All the best,”

— Rainer Wiens, Montreal, 16/04/07


“Just a note to thank each and everyone of you for inviting me to participate in the recent INTERFACE. You are providing an extraordinary and invaluable service to the arts community and it was an honor for me to be involved. Everyone was so helpful and hospitality couldn’t be have been better. William Parker will be next up, and I know you are in for a treat. I wish you all continued success and I look forward to my next visit to Toronto.”

— Joe McPhee


“Dear AIMToronto musicians, thanks again for the gigs. I was thrilled to be involved in the Interface series. I think it’s a great opportunity for the worldwide network of improvisers to meet up and host a wonderful and nurturing enviroment in one of Canada’s main cities.AIMToronto run an excellent organisation, involving very committed musicians and organisers, and outside of Europe provides a valuable musical landscape for the invention and promotion of a worthwhile and struggling art form.”

— Stephen Grew


“My three days of experience with AIMToronto taught me that there is a collective of improvising musicians in Toronto doing serious, important research into sound, structure and relationship. It is impossible for me to overstate the importance of this way of working. It is helpful for any musician. Not only are these musicians creating beautiful ‘pure’ music of their own, but they are also developing a sensitivity which can contribute to many performing collaborations with dancers, visual artists, theater makers, video and film makers.”

— Michael Moore


“While on tour in Canada with my ‘Kamosc’ trio (Michael Moore/ Dylan van der Schyff) in September 2005, I played three nights in Toronto, organized by AIMT. During these three nights we met, listened to, and played with a lot of excellent improvisers from Toronto. I think it is a wonderful thing when you have a chance to play a couple of nights at the same venue and interact with players you haven’t met before. This music is very much about sharing and exchanging ideas and about a common experience. It is also an exciting experience for the listener – music is created on the spot, in the moment.


“Toronto needs a platform for their improvising scene, in order to organize concerts, festivals, workshops, collaborations with musicians from all over the world, with artists from other disciplines – and they need to be able to publicize their events in an adequate way. I encourage everybody to support the great work of AIMToronto.”

— Achim Kaufmann